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    Birmingham Offices & Workshops – Must-View!

    Published on 10 May 2018

    George Road Business Park is one of our premier sites that represents a fantastic opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Just 4 miles north of Birmingham City Centre, it boasts a lakeside setting and 300 parking spaces. This is a must-view location for companies seeking quality premises with excellent transport links.
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    London Office Market – The Facts & Figures

    Published on 23 April 2018

    With less than a year to go until the UK officially leaves the EU, the impact of Brexit has so far not had a significant detrimental effect on the London property market. Whether this continues as the deadline gets nearer remains to be seen, but during 2017 and early 2018 there were many reasons to remain optimistic about the future of the commercial property scene.
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    Using Modern Technology In A Warehouse Environment

    Published on 04 April 2018

    The most productive warehouses in the world take advantage of modern technology to drive productivity and vastly improve their business performance. Although the artificial intelligence and robots used by retail giants like Amazon will be too expensive for smaller companies, there is still an abundance of new technologies that could and should be utilised.
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    The Perfect Workspace

    Published on 23 March 2018

    By making some simple changes to your office space you can achieve a happy and productive workforce. Find out more by checking out our Perfect Workspace Infographic.
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    How Important Is Location?

    Published on 22 March 2018

    Location can have a huge impact on the success of a business, so we've taken a look at the negative and positive impacts that have a particular impact in our infographic.
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