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    Why Ignoring Technological Advances Can Ruin A Business

    Published on 18 October 2017

    Keeping pace with new and emerging technology is vital for a company to succeed. Indeed, failure to do so can have a dramatic and even fatal effect on a businesses future - ignoring modern advances has seen some huge retailers forced into bankruptcy.
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    Just In - Quality Warehouse Premises In Sussex!

    Published on 13 October 2017

    Ideally located as a quick distribution facility for the South of England, 25 International Park ticks all the right boxes for a business needing a quality warehouse building. Having previously been used by the renowned Parcelforce fleet, it is situated in Crawley, West Sussex – and the site is arguably one of the best connected in the UK!
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    Why Business Rate Relief Can Preserve London's Cultural Heritage

    Published on 10 October 2017

    In April this year, the Government's new business rates came into force, causing considerable worry amongst the capitals many small business owners. On average, rates rose more than 23%, with some boroughs experiencing rises of more than double this figure. Following a widespread outcry, a £300 million fund was launched to try and help businesses adapt to the sudden increase. However, concerns remain that this amount is insufficient, and further changes are needed in order to preserve London's economy and cultural heritage.
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    The Future Of Office Workspaces

    Published on 26 September 2017

    In the last few years, there has been a distinct change in the appearance of the office workspace. The use of traditional cell-style offices and an open plan layout are on the decrease, largely because of dwindling productivity rates and a re-focus on employee well-being. A new breed of workspace is in the ascendancy, and, inspired by the success of the tech giants, SME's are beginning to take notice. If you think that an office redesign could help your business, read on to discover the key factors you need to address.
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    Why Big Companies Will Continue To Invest In London

    Published on 20 September 2017

    Despite the Brexit process being triggered, London is looking remarkably resilient in terms of business investment, and the outlook remains positive. Tech companies have received funding of 1.1 billion pounds in just six months, 4 times more investment than the whole of 2013, and double that of any other European city!
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