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Sharing Warehouse Space – Benefits For Start-Up Businesses

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As the demand for UK warehouses rapidly grows, rental prices are increasing and this is making it more difficult for start-up businesses to compete with their larger rivals. To avoid paying over the odds for warehouse premises, one solution could be to share warehouse space with other likeminded companies.

In this article, we highlight the advantages of shared warehouse premises for start-ups and small businesses.

Cost Efficiency

The most obvious benefit is cost. Sharing space means there is much less likely to be any underused space, effectively maximising the productivity output per square foot. Cash flow is essential for the survival of any new company, so operating a lean warehouse, and making the most of your allocated space makes perfect financial sense.

Depending on the industry of the other businesses you may share with, it could also be possible to make joint purchases on some items, resulting in bulk discounts and more financial savings.


Working closely with individuals from other firms can help to expand the knowledge of all warehouse occupants – they may use a storage system that could benefit your own company, or they may be using new technology to manage inventories. These insights can make your company grow at a quicker pace, and prevent a 'blinkered' outlook.

Collaboration often breeds creativity and a friendly rivalry, which has the potential to lead to better business performance and increased productivity, giving your business a competitive edge.

A Safer Environment

When one company occupies an entire warehouse, savings may have to be found to ensure that each months rent is paid on time. This could mean there is little money left over for things like on-site security or CCTV coverage. If a warehouse has multiple occupants they can all share the costs of maintaining and upgrading security systems, reducing the likelihood of theft, and lowering insurance premiums as a result.

With a number of management teams under one roof, health and safety standards are also less likely to slip, making the environment safer and more secure for all employees.

Suitable Premises

At Pall Mall Estates, we have a number of properties throughout the UK that could be ideally suited to multiple occupancy.

Edgemond Avenue comprises 128,000 square feet of industrial space, featuring a main warehouse split with partition walls, and several smaller workshops. With a great location in the heart of the Midlands, these premises are just 6 miles north of Birmingham city centre, and a short distance to the M6 motorway.

Main Yard in Hackney offers affordable access to London. Situated around a large service yard, there is industrial space and workshops to let. 12 miles from the city centre, and only 200 metres from the railway station, this is an enviable start-up location, with a co-working space already onsite.

Rovex Business Park in Birmingham is one of our flagship locations, and was created for flexibility. There are 67 industrial units, and a large area of single-storey warehousing. Simply explain your requirements, and we will find a space to suit your business and budget

At Pall Mall Estates, we have a number of properties throughout the UK that could be ideally suited to multiple occupancy.

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