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Short Term Leases in London – The Benefits Explained

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Recently, we have made 3 of our London premises available to clients on a short term basis, which gives businesses the chance to test these locations out, and see whether they are a good fit for their company's needs. All of the properties are within a few miles of Central London, and provide affordable and convenient bases in the capital.

If Bermondsey, Hackney, or Limehouse could be a good location for you, read on to discover the advantages of taking on a short term lease.


Short leases are a great opportunity for start-ups and small businesses because they offer the freedom to assess whether a property is suitable for their requirements before committing to extending the rental term.

There are no break penalties, or a responsibility to pay rent for months or years to come. Put simply, shorter leases are an easy and hassle-free way to 'try out' a commercial property.

Temporary Accommodation

There may also be other businesses who are seeking temporary accommodation. For example, an existing building may be getting renovated or their current premises may be damaged and unsuitable for employees, or a company may want a 'pop-up' location to test the viability of a new business idea. There are many reasons why short term leases can be a good commercial property solution.

Bermondsey, Hackney, and Limehouse all provide easy access to areas in and around the capital. Here are the features of the properties that are currently available.

Since the 1980's when much of its industrial areas were redeveloped, Bermondsey has continued to improve, and is now home to a lively business community. Our premises on Spa Road offer a versatile space comprising of office accommodation and storage areas, making the building a good choice for those companies in the support service industry.

In addition, there is air conditioning, ample car parking facilities, and an underground station withinin 1km. There are also no legal fees to pay with this lease.

Main Yard - Hackney

Hackney has been transformed in recent years, and is now regarded as an up and coming district of London. As more people are wanting to live in the area, the effect on local businesses has been positive, and it now represents a good place to be based.

Main Yard hosts three buildings as part of our portfolio, and we currently have a number of industrial units and workshops to rent around a central service yard. With loading bays, goods lifts, and parking, the units are suitable for a wide range of industries.

There are also other advantages:

  • It is 200m from Hackney Wick railway station

  • The A12 is 1 mile away

  • It provides a London base without the higher rates

Pixley Street - Limehouse



This site in Limehouse is perfect for access to both Canary Wharf and the city (Canary Wharf is less than 1 mile away). The 5,700 square feet building is equally suited to small or medium sized businesses, depending on the type of industry they operate in.
On-site facilities include allocated parking, a central service yard, and a useful loading dock with a roller door. Transport links are good - the A13 Commercial Road is within 300 metres of the premises.
For employees, there is an Aldi store next door, and a well-tended park to relax in at the end of the street.

Shorter leases are an easy and hassle-free way to 'try out' a commercial property.

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