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Browse our commercial property across Wales today. At Pall Mall Estates we offer a wealth of light industrial, office, workshop and storage space for businesses based in the principality, providing excellent trade and consumer links from Cardiff to North Wales.

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Commercial properties for sale or to let in Wales

The greatest influences of the Welsh economy over the last two centuries have been both agricultural and industrial. The country is now post-industrial following the breakdown of the area's coal mining and steelworks heavy industries in the early stages of the Twentieth Century.

With a growing focus on the nation's service sector since the Second World War, Wales is well placed to develop industry and client links across the North West of England and the West Midlands.

Wales is proud of its own distinctive culture and heritage with a historic language and many other customs that capture the imagination. A large percentage of the Welsh population reside in South Wales, consisting of the cities of Cardiff, Swansea and Newport, while another significant population are located in North East Wales in the Wrexham area.

The country has a reasonable-sized railway network with the capital city Cardiff housing the busiest transport hubs across the regional and national network via Cardiff Central and Cardiff Queen Street. Regular services also run to North and South Wales connecting the country to the North West, West Midlands, East Midlands and Yorkshire.

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