Birmingham Business Survey Report

Since the UK Government announced plans to ease rail pressures and boost northern growth with investment into High Speed Rail (HS2), forecasts and expectations have been varied. To provide greater understanding, Pall Mall Estates has investigated the opinions of 100 business community members throughout Birmingham, where the most significant impacts are predicted. Our findings are contained in the report below (download functionality coming soon).


Birmingham is expected to be the one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Government’s HS2 plan, which forms a crucial part of its “Midlands Engine” vision. Investment into High Speed Rail is also anticipated to relieve crowded UK railway networks, now nearing 100% capacity.

Birmingham is well known as England’s Second City for economic, as well as cultural, significance. Having seen a host of regeneration projects in its city centre, Birmingham City Council predicts rail travel between London and Birmingham will double in the next 20 years.

This 2018 survey report contains direct insights from business owners, entrepreneurs and managers within Birmingham, addressing the following:

- Business expectations: predicted gains, losses, where and why
- Impact forecasts: benefits, drawbacks and consequences
- Concerns and considerations: geographical, environmental and economic
- Plus more insights with direct quotes from local community members

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