Our Offers

At Pall Mall Estates we like to provide many attractive offers to meet your commercial property needs. All are designed to provide your business a helping hand when relocating, expanding or contracting.

  • Short Term Let

    Is your business rapidly expanding or in need or interim extra space? Then here your business can enjoy the use of our Short Term Let properties which provide a low commitment property solution.

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  • Fit Out

    Sometimes a property is in need of work to make it just right for your business, here you'll find some properties where we will consider carrying out works for you, or offer you a discount to make it easier for you to fit out and move in. Let us know your requirements.

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  • Reduced Rent

    A rental reduction makes moving much more manageable, but a 50% reduction makes a significant difference. Here you'll find properties which offer a halving of rent to make moving in that little bit more manageable and attractive. This offer is valid for deals signed by 31st December.

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