Considerations when choosing a Yard Space to Rent

Commercial land and yard spaces are some of the most versatile options for any light industrial business or indeed any business that’s reliant on sound logistics. Clear, open sites like yards are a blank canvas for businesses, with total freedom and flexibility to use it however you see fit.

With hardcore filled hard standing that makes it easier to store the heaviest machinery, and hoardings that provide necessary privacy and security, letting alternative yard space can be a credible option for those running out of space on their existing site. Hoardings can also act as a powerful marketing tool, with the ability to advertise your business and its services around the perimeter of your yard.

So, how do you go about choosing the right yard space for your business? Before you begin your search, it’s a good idea to take the following factors into consideration:

How secure is the yard?

If you intend on storing high-value goods or machinery within the yard, you’ll want to make sure your assets are suitably protected. Ideally, the yard will have high fencing, with barbed wire to deter potential intruders. All gated entrances should also be easily secured at the end of the day to maintain its integrity overnight.

Can you rely on out-of-hours protection?

This is linked to our initial point regarding the security of prospective yard spaces. Aside from hard standing areas being safeguarded with sturdy fencing, it’s also beneficial if the yard is protected overnight either via on-site security or CCTV technology. Either of which can provide peace of mind that your best interests are in safe hands.

How close is the yard to key road and rail routes?

From a logistical perspective, you’ll want your yard space to be conveniently placed for access via major motorway and arterial road routes. If the yard is required for pick-ups and deliveries of goods and machinery, a well-connected base is a must. Similarly, proximity to the UK’s cargo rail network would also be beneficial for the transport of goods. Our yard space on Bridge Road in Welwyn Garden City is a stone’s throw from the rail mainline connecting London and the Midlands.

What condition is the yard space in?

If you plan to store valuable machinery or goods within your yard space, it’s important to determine the condition of the hard standing areas. Has it been compromised or deteriorated? If so, is this something you would request to be repaired as a condition of a lease agreement? This is certainly one of the most important aspects of leasing yard space, as it’s the ground itself you’re relying on to safeguard your assets.

Is the yard a conventional shape?

This is another important point to consider when leasing yard space. Sometimes yards are available in unconventional shapes and sizes, making it hard to utilise every square inch of the yard and get full value for money. That’s one of the main reasons our yard space in Avonmouth, Bristol proved so popular as soon as it became available to let, with clean, square lines that provide a sound perimeter.

Is the yard within an established industrial area?

Although location might not be your number-one priority, it can be hugely beneficial for your yard to be situated within an established industrial estate or area. Primarily, it can be useful for building mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses and it’s also good for your business to have an address in a postcode with a strong reputation in your field.

Does the yard benefit from covered areas?

Some of the yard spaces within our nationwide portfolio, like Unit 6A on Erdington’s George Road Business Park, boast covered areas that can provide much-needed protection from the outside elements when needed. If a yard is fully exposed, you will know the need to factor in improved accommodation for machinery or goods that are best stored inside.

Is the yard well-lit to ensure 24/7 use?

The world of business is a 24-hour industry. If you need access to your yard space overnight as well as in the daytime, you’ll want to let a yard with sufficient floodlit areas to allow you to get on with the tasks at hand. Floodlights are also a security benefit, acting as an additional deterrent for potential intruders.

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If you’re on the hunt for high-value, low-cost yard space, Pall Mall Estates has a whole host of areas with an abundance of hard standing, ideal for housing machinery big and small, as well as product inventories for sound logistical purposes.

Take some time to view our available yard space to let and if you’d like any further details, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced team. We can also arrange a viewing of vacant yards in person, if you’d rather visualise the opportunity and carry out your own measurements and assessments where needed.

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