4 signs that your start-up needs dedicated business space

Working from home and earning a living might sound like the dream, but it can rapidly become a nightmare when the limitations start to rear their ugly head. As a fledgling, ambitious start-up, you’ll be desperate to make your mark on your industry in whatever way you can.
The problem is, your home-based location might be a novelty from day dot, but it can be a major roadblock to growth; preventing you from doing a lot of the things that established firms with dedicated commercial space take for granted.
If any of the following four tell-tale signs occur, it’s high time to consider taking your start-up to the next level by securing cost-effective business space on lease terms.

You need to start taking on full-time staff

When your business grows to the point that you need to become more than just a one-man-band, it’s probably time to consider dedicated commercial property. If you were to employ someone to work at your home, you would need to invest in Public Liability Insurance anyhow, to safeguard you for any claims regarding damages or injury your employee incurs whilst on your property.
It just makes sense to provide dedicated business space, particularly if you are keen to attract top talent that might not be so willing to work from a kitchen floor or basement.

Your productivity is beginning to suffer

If you find yourself getting frustrated at your inability to focus on work at home – be it the kids running around or household pets – it could be wise to consider separate workspace away from home. To grow your business and to be taken seriously, you need a dedicated environment that’s conducive to day-to-day productivity.

You don’t have dedicated space to host clients

If your business grows to the point that you want to host prospects and existing clients for work-related meetings, your home-based location might become something of an embarrassment. In fact, if you are already conscious of hosting fellow professionals and paying customers in your third bedroom or kitchen floor, you should consider renting your first office complete with dedicated meeting space for networking and collaboration.

Your business lacks brand visibility

Another growing pain as a home-based business is that it becomes difficult to be visible to potential customers when you’re working out of your spare bedroom. If you are a business that would benefit from increased footfall, a workspace that’s more visible in your local community would be a positive strategic step. You may have even grown tired of the isolation of working from home and want a fresh outlook for the next chapter of your business.

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