The best and worst times of year to relocate your business

When it comes to relocating your business, there can be a lot to think about - including when to schedule the move for. Choosing the right time of year can make the process smoother and simpler. To help you establish when might be the right time for your company move, keep reading.

Busy periods

For the majority of businesses, certain times of the year are busier than others, and what might be a particularly hectic period for one company might be relatively quiet for another.

For example, in the hospitality industry, there’s a good chance that a company may find the spring and summer months are a peak time for business, with opportunities tailing off towards the end of the year. On the other hand, a business in the retail sector may experience the opposite, with sales picking up around Christmas time then dipping in the middle of the year.

The truth is, deciding to relocate during a particularly busy time for your business could spell disaster. Moving premises can be a long, complex process, and having to do that at the same time as juggling business when demand for your products or services is especially high can prove difficult.

So, think about which months tend to be the quietest for your company, and when you can expect peaks and troughs. This could help you to establish the best and worst times of year for your business move.

The weather

Believe it or not, the weather can play a crucial role in determining when you should relocate your business. Unpleasant weather has the potential to cause unforeseen delays and logistical problems that you may not be able to avoid.

For instance, snow and ice can cause road closures and slow driving conditions, making it more difficult for you, your employees and removal company to navigate from one location to another.

Aside from causing delays on moving day itself, inclement weather could cause long term setbacks too. These delays could mean you take longer getting settled in your new premises, which could ultimately affect the operation and performance of your business. With this in mind, you may find it easier to pick a time of year when it’s unlikely that the weather will create these types of issues for you.

Your lease agreement

Relocating can be expensive, so there’s a good chance you’ll want to avoid unnecessary costs if you can help it. To keep your finances in check during this time, you’ll probably want to think about timing the move into your new premises with the end of your lease on the old one. This will mean that you are able to avoid having to pay extra fees as a result of breaking the agreement before its official end date. This could also make the move much smoother, helping you tie up loose ends so you can start fresh in the new premises.

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