Why Corby is a great place to do business

If you were asked to guess which town is the fastest growing in England right now, it’s almost certain that very few people would select the Northamptonshire town of Corby. Nevertheless, Corby is now considered to be the fastest-growing town outside of London, with the Office for National Statistics suggesting the town’s population will hit over 76,000 by 2024.

As a relative ‘boom town’, it’s therefore no surprise that significant urban and commercial development is taking place across Corby, in a bid to futureproof its economic standing. At Pall Mall Estates, we own and manage low-cost, high-value business space in the Corby area, providing ambitious, growing businesses with feature-laden working environments that allow them to grow. 

If you’re keen to know more about Corby’s economic transformation, read on as we pinpoint some of the main benefits to the town’s rise from the doldrums.

Much improved rail and road links

Throughout much of Corby’s history, the town has been held back due to the lack of a town centre railway station. Due to its relatively young heritage, Corby wasn’t connected to the original East Midlands mainline, but fortunately in 2009 that all changed. The first direct rail services connecting Corby to London St Pancras started in February 2009, with a full service introduced, linking Corby to the capital and other influential East Midlands towns and cities to the north.

Corby is also within two hours’ reach of four airports, Stansted, Luton, East Midlands and Birmingham. As a relatively new town, Corby’s road network is also superior to towns of a comparable size, with plenty of dual carriageways into and out of the town, providing direct links to the nearby A47, A14 and A1(M) trunk roads.

A clear Economic Development Strategy

Corby’s Borough Council also has a well-defined Economic Development Strategy, with a clear plan of action in terms of how best to retain businesses, attract additional investment and enhance the town as a place to live, as well as work. In turn, Corby’s improved appeal should mean that the region’s talent pool will grow over time, which is vital to the long-term viability of successful business based in the town.

A town that’s diversified and adapted since the collapse of its steel industry

The town has come a long way since experiencing job losses of more than 5,000 due to the loss of British Steel. At one stage, Corby’s population had an unemployment rate of more than 30%, way above the national average. Thanks to its improved connectivity and the creation of several purpose-built industrial estates and business parks on the fringes of Corby, the town has refocused its industries on the manufacturing and logistics sectors, thanks to its central location to all four corners of the country.

Browse our available commercial properties to rent in Corby

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