How to find short term rental spaces

Whether you’re requiring additional commercial space for a one-off project or you’re a start-up business wanting to agree terms on your first office unit without potentially damaging long-term commitments, short-term lets offer flexibility and freedom for businesses and individuals to take things at their own pace.

You might also be a business seeking a short-term commercial property to act as a stopgap between selling and buying new long-term units. If you want to know how best to find short-term commercial space, read on for our must-see hints and tips for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Consider subleasing a business premises

One method some businesses use to get flexible short-term business space is subleasing. This means leasing a commercial property from an existing tenant who no longer needs the unit, but still has a period of time left before their lease expires. Subleasing can be cost-effective, as you’re basically helping out the existing tenant and covering some or all of their rental costs until their original lease is up.

The main issue with subleasing is that you have no say whatsoever in retaining the space you use. Once the lease has expired, you will be required to move out, with no opportunity to appeal or ask for an extension.

Co-working spaces are a growing trend for short-term work

If you need a single desk to work from for a short period of time, perhaps for a one-off project as a freelancer, co-working hubs can be an attractive option. For a small monthly fee, you can pay for access to a dedicated office desk and take advantage of the building’s facilities. Think of co-working as a plug-and-play option for flexible contractors and freelancers. 

Although co-working does offer a collaborative working environment, it can also be detrimental and distracting for those who are more productive in quiet, unassuming locations.

Above all else - use a commercial property agent that is flexible and accommodating

Although a standard commercial lease might last between three and five years, it might be possible to agree terms on a lease for a shorter period than this. Choosing a commercial property agent that is ready and willing to take a flexible stance towards lease periods and break clauses will stand your business in good stead to avoid unnecessary long-term commitments.

At Pall Mall Estates, we adopt a customer-focused approach to commercial leasing, providing the space for businesses to thrive, regardless of how long they need it.

Our dedicated team of property professionals take the time to listen to the needs of each and every prospective tenant. With more than 5.5 million square feet of commercial property owned and managed by Pall Mall Estates, our team have the know-how and portfolio to recommend space available on short-term lease arrangements for everyone from small owner-managed businesses through to multi-national blue-chip organisations.

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