If your business relies on the shipping or transportation of goods nationwide or beyond, having your own storage facility could make life a whole lot easier. Instead of relying on drop shipping or using someone else’s storage space, there’s nothing better than being in control of your own destiny.

Logistics is the name of the game. Without rock-solid logistics and internal processes, your business runs the risk of being left behind in today’s competitive world of commerce. There are multiple benefits to leasing your own warehouse facility or yard space for the purposes of helping your day-to-day business operations run smoother.

We’re here to outline a handful of them. Hopefully it will give you food for thought if you’ve been deliberating renting your own space in recent months.

Improved order processing and security stocking

Let’s face it, you’re in business to make money. Businesses only make money if they make their customers happy. Happy customers are returning customers. Warehouse storage can be a vital cog in the wheel of businesses reliant on shipping. A warehouse can be used to establish a security stocking regime.

Security stocking ensures your most popular products or services are always available on-demand in abundance.

A centralised location that makes it easier to serve clients

Selecting a warehouse in a location that’s beneficial to your business and its clients is invaluable. Whether it’s freight storage that you’d like to be housed as close as possible to onward connections or housing product inventory in a centralised area, allowing you to reach the majority of your customers faster, location is everything when it comes to logistics.

Businesses reliant on logistics will often determine the most central point for warehouses, based on their postcodes of their active customers.

Efficient management of inventory

Having your own warehouse makes it possible to see your inventory first-hand, thereby making it easier to monitor the availability of your most popular products.

It can also help you make better purchasing decisions over your lesser-known items too. The last thing any business needs is too much surplus stock gathering dust. Having your own warehouse makes it possible to adequately plan the right time to reorder stock, without forking out on excess goods unnecessarily.

Ideal for housing excess or seasonal goods

Although we just said that having surplus stock isn’t always a good thing, having a secure, dedicated warehouse to put your unsold inventory is hugely convenient. Similarly, if your business is a seasonal one, you can lean on your warehouse to store goods ready for when demand ramps up.

Having surplus or seasonal stock stored within your own storage facility offers peace of mind. There are no fears about your inventory being stolen or damaged, even shielding your stock from extreme weather like storms and high winds. Most warehouses also climate control their storage space, which can safeguard those items with short-term shelf lives.

Reduced overheads with the advent of automation

One of your main fears about leasing and running your own warehouse is likely to be the increased labour costs involved. However, unlike a conventional retail store, you don’t need a large workforce to control your stock inventory and even prepare items for despatch – automation is your new friend.

Today, you can automate the physical and digital processes involved in the efficient running of a distribution warehouse. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can move goods from one area of the warehouse to another, reducing the chance of bottlenecks. Smart pallets incorporate state-of-the-art sensors and trackers that monitor the conditions of goods, both in storage and in transit.

Take advantage of beneficial market conditions

Although you might not think you need larger warehouse and storage space for your goods or freight, it could help your business work smarter. For instance, having the capacity to house more items in-house gives you the freedom to capitalise on market conditions when the time is right. If raw materials or goods suddenly fall in price, you could invest in more stock to improve your eventual profit margins.

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