What is the purpose of office or studio space if we can simply work from home? That’s the question on the lips of many since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Although remote working does work for many creatives, there are several benefits to work-from-home professionals having a separate studio space they can escape to and call their own.

Although we have seen that it’s possible to do our jobs from home, the pandemic has resulted in some creatives losing sight of what makes an office or studio such an asset. The reality is that external studio space can still serve a multitude of functions, even if professionals can maintain their productivity at home.

Introducing the ‘resi-mercial’ trend for workspaces

With many creative professionals seemingly happier and more productive in relaxed, home-based environments, there has been an increasing trend of making studios and offices more casual to mimic the home working environment. The fusion between residential and commercial aesthetics has been coined the ‘resi-mercial’ workspace, creating comfortable external places that are as welcoming as your own home.

With studios and offices now being viewed more as an extension of a business, how best can work-from-home creatives use an external space to their advantage in the current climate? Even if remote working becomes the default option for many, a studio or office could still act as a professional’s ‘social space’. A deliberate environment to build and enhance working relationships with others. It’s now a place to entertain existing and prospective clients in an informal setting, fostering more free and candid discussions about upcoming projects.

An external workspace provides structure and freedom

Although the working from home concept may help some to be more productive than before, other professionals still value the ability to separate work life from their home life. For some creatives it can be hard to switch off from work when they do so in the same environment as their home. Never having an escape from your workstation and the pressures of impending deadlines or projects can prove tiresome.

The benefit of letting an external studio or office gives some people a much-needed change in environment, providing a mental break and allowing them to become more relaxed during periods of downtime at home.

Furthermore, working from home can elongate working hours for some people, exacerbating the potential for procrastination. External workspaces allow creatives to define set working hours that provide focus. Within that external working environment, creatives also have the space and freedom to innovate and work without constraints. There are no home life interruptions; just total flexibility to explore new ideas and concepts.

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